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Welcome! My name is Audrey Pearl and I'm an independent artist, songwriter, and performer based in Boston, MA. I make music that blends elements of folk, rock, and indie pop with introspective lyrics and warm, dreamy vocals. Take a listen to my latest single below!


  Artist Bio  

Audrey Pearl is a singer/songwriter who was born in Burlington, Vermont and grew up at the foot of the Green Mountains, with sap on her hands and pine needles underfoot. The natural landscapes of the northeast were foundational to her sense of imagination and creativity and remain an essential source of her inspiration to this day. She writes songs that feel like running through those forests, catching glimpses of memories and daydreams like filtered light through the canopy. 


Some of her earliest musical influences were The Beatles and Simon Garfunkel, both of whom weave themselves into her songwriting along with elements of modern indie rock, folk, and pop. Her music could be found on a playlist with artists such as Big Thief, Clairo, Julia Jacklin, and Laura Marling. 


Audrey is a firm believer that by looking into someone else’s mind and heart one can often gain valuable insight into their own experiences. When she writes a song, she’s saying to the listener “I’ve felt this way, have you felt it too? If so, let’s carry this feeling together. If not, let me show you so we can better understand and accept one another” Her ultimate goal is for someone to hear her songs and feel validated and less alone in the way they experience the world.  


Audrey is currently in her last semester at Berklee College of Music where she’s honed her skills as a writer and performer. She’s released two songs that can be found on streaming platforms and has a new single on the way!


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